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Credibility Method (eBook) - 4 Simple Steps To Establish Your Credibility & Increase Your Legitimacy

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Dive into the insights of my best-selling book 'Credibility Method,' where I will share my 'TREK Method' with you — and break down a concise, 4-step approach that unlocks the key to growing your credibility, establishing legitimacy, and significantly boosting your odds of success.

This book is for you if:

● You want to get paid for simply being yourself and doing the things you love...
● You don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers and fans online….
● You don't have connections to get featured in magazines or podcasts...
● You’re not getting the engagement online that you know you should be...
● You have something great to share, but nobody seems to listen...
● You do not have a mentor or someone to show you the way...
● You do not have a huge budget to pay your way to superstardom and high authority...
● You’re not a public speaker or experienced presenter...
● You still have a full-time job but would like to transition out of it...

I've been there too. I know what it's like to be the underdog.

Nobody believes in you or sees your vision.

It's very frustrating.

I get it.

That's why I'm offering this book in ebook format for just $7.

In this book, I will share with you:

Exactly how I began my journey as a nobody – and over time:

● Transformed my career
● Grew my online followers by over 100,000 people
● Made a massive impact on my income
● Became the go-to consultant in my field
● Gained confidence to charge what I'm worth
● and a lot more

The best part?

I wrote this book in 2018,
way before I made my first million dollars,
way before my videos were being seen by millions of people,
way before I gained over 250,000 followers,
way before I started working with celebrities, influencers, and big brands.

This means you get the unfiltered truth.

You get to see exactly what was going through my mind at that point in my career.

Tailored for entrepreneurs and those embarking on their careers, this book serves as a strategic guide to amplify your legitimacy, enhance your resume, captivate your audience and followers, and gain substantial credibility.

Whether you aspire to leave a lasting impression or solidify your position as an authority, the 'Credibility Method' offers a simple and easy to follow blueprint for outward success.

This book's original release in paperback in 2018 garnered attention from publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, FOX, CBS, ABC, Silicon Valley Business Journal, The CW, and more, affirming its status as a game-changing resource for entrepreneurs and self-starters.

Who am i?


I was born in Long Island, New York (1989), and am an author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur.

I am best known for my success as a digital marketing consultant for some of the most successful companies, athletes, and public figures in America. I have worked with celebrities, professional athletes, UFC world champions, and big brands like Cash App.

My videos have been seen by more than 20 million people.

I am followed by over 250,000 amazing entrepreneurs and self-starters focused on becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

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Learn the 'TREK Method' in "Credibility Method" to boost your credibility and success in just 4 simple steps. Ideal for entrepreneurs and career beginners aiming to enhance their legitimacy and become authorities. Myke Metzger's book has gained attention from major publications like Entrepreneur Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

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Credibility Method (eBook) - 4 Simple Steps To Establish Your Credibility & Increase Your Legitimacy

3 ratings
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